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It’s a Sunshine Day

April 29th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

I think I’ll go for a walk outside now, the summer sun’s callin’ my name.

Okay, so no walking is happening.  The wind almost blew us over so we’re just hanging out on the porch.

I just can’t stay inside all day

I gotta get out, get me some of those rays!

Can’t you dig the sunshine?


P.S.  My Mama loves The Brady Bunch.


April 22nd, 2010 Posted in Birthday

Mama was so excited when it was time for cake.  She made me this beauty:

That's a triple layer banana cake with brown sugar buttercream frosting people. YUM.

 Now, I’ve never had cake before.  I did not know what to do this this strange triangle in front of me.  With Nanny watching via Skype, I smashed and squished this strange tan triangle but would not put any in my mouth!  I’ll eat an old dried noodle off the floor, even a sticker, but cake? Maybe if they would just put it on the floor tonight, I would eat it tomorrow!

Nice triangle. I'll just give you a little pat.

Here it is...I finally smashed it all up.

Mama and Daddy tried and tried to get me to taste it.  Daddy had the camcorder on and I was really on the spot!  “EAT THE CAKE!” “Just try a piece!”  “IT’S GOOD”!  “Come on, Marian.”  “Just a little taste.”  So much pressure…JUST KEEP SMASHING and maybe they’ll stop, I thought.  Well, I was right.  Daddy put the camcorder down for one second and:

This isn't so bad!

Wow, it really is easy to eat cake!  And tasty too!  Next time I’ll just picture everyone in their underwear.

I had a great day (with the exception of the doctor’s visit.  Come on.  It’s my BIRTHDAY!) and now it’s time for bed.

Snuggle time! Wait, what is this thing?

I love my new book! Thanks Cindy, Aaron, and Emi!

I can’t wait to open the rest of the presents tomorrow!

Oh, and for those of you that are curious, I weigh in at 21.10 lbs (55%), I’m 29 inches long (50%) and my enormous head is…49 centimeters!  That is in the 98% folks.  That is one huge noggin thanks to daddy.


More Birthday Fun

April 22nd, 2010 Posted in Birthday
Not all of it was fun, folks.  Let me tell you something.  Doctor’s visits are not fun.  I screamed and cried.  Those strangers poking at me really made me unhappy.

This is me, minding my own business, before my visit to the doctor.

Afterward we stopped by home to grab some tylenol and then headed out to Red Robin for burgers.  Mama was supposed to make them but after all the craziness at the doctor, she and Daddy just wanted to relax.  They ordered me a meal and let me eat it myself.

I'm ready for some dinner! Bring it!

I had my very first cheeseburger.

One handed burger chomping.

I think you get the idea.

After we got home, I played with my lion a bit and then opened another present!

Thanks for the picnic basket Pa Pa and Nanny!

I like the sandwich.

There are more presents to open but Mama is going to have me open them tomorrow.  My birthday will be 2 days long!  Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. 
Cake time coming up!

Happy Birthday to Me!

April 21st, 2010 Posted in Birthday
Today is my birthday and it’s time to celebrate!  I started the day off with a trip to Starbucks with Daddy.  I even got a petite vanilla scone!


Then it was time to check out that new toy I saw in the living room.

Hey, what is this thing?

This is pretty neat!

When it was time for music, Mama brought out something that Amy, Ray, Izzy, and June sent.  She knew I would love it!

I love these new shakers! Perfect to use with my new Ziggy Marley Family CD!

Can you see me shake it? Woo hoo!

Thanks to the Estrada family for such a great gift!  I love music!
That’s all for now, but the day isn’t over! 

Another Exciting Day!

April 20th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

We went shopping for my birthday party yesterday.  Even though it will only have us 3, I’m sure it will be wild!

I have a well baby check tomorrow.  I hope it doesn’t ruin my birthday fun!

Just Hanging Out

April 17th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized
After a long nap and then a trip to the mall, it was time to try on an outfit that Mama ordered online for my birthday! 

I like to smile REALLY BIG!

I’m a little silly.
I love running around with my lion! Just don’t expect me to run on my own just yet…

There is always cookie on my face because...well...I am always eating cookies.