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We Made It!

May 22nd, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

Hello all!

We made it all the way to Aunt Heather and Uncle John’s!  It is so beautiful.

So far they have made dinner for us twice, and we’ve only been here two days.  It has been very delicious.

I really love corn!  I had never had it on the cob before.

After dinner I got to watch Gray run around.  I will be able to do that someday!

That game looked like so much fun.  Maybe next time I visit, I’ll be big enough to play.  Get ready Uncle John!

Isn’t Dudley cute?

More fun to come.  Hopefully we can get some good pictures of cousin Xandy and Aunt Heather for next time.


What a Beautiful Day

May 18th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

Today, the sun was out and there was a slight cool breeze.  It was the perfect day to spend outside.  In the morning, Mama took a 3 1/2 mile run and I went along for the ride.  In the afternoon, we went to the park. 

I was very happy we remembered the blanket because I wanted nothing to do with the grass.  I didn’t used to have a problem with it! 

Last October I wanted to eat it!!

Oh well.  Moving on.  It was such a lovely day and there were many things to look at.

Here is me pointing at the “cats” (dogs) playing fetch with the “ba bas” (babies, which were actually school age children.).  I just love the outdoors.

Hope you all had a great day of sunshine as well!


Reflections of a Mother

May 17th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

I’ve been looking back at all these beautiful pictures of my sweet little Pearl while she slumbers peacefully in her crib today.  I have thousands of pictures, and I just think it’s a pity that I haven’t been able to share all of the sweet moments I have with my wonderful baby.  I decided it was time to share a few memorable photos of my wonderful daughter’s angelic face.

HAHAHA!  Suckers! I’ve been looking back at the totally insane pictures I’ve taken of my little pumpkin, and let me tell you, some of them are downright scary.  She must think she is our guard dog! 

She can go from this:

To this:

Ahhh!  Watch out!

Wow.  Isn’t she a sweetheart?  I just want to give this little peanut a snuggle! I hope she doesn’t bite me.

I have no idea where she got that face, but it cracks me up every time.

But this face.  This sweet face makes me melt.  My baby.

Whoa…what’s going on here? 

You get the idea.  My little girl is a riot.


P.S.  Don’t mess with me.  My daughter will GET YOU!

May 16.

May 17th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

Hello everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend!

Mine was full of excitement of course.

Can’t you tell by the look on my face how much fun I’m having?  Living in Parker, Colorado sure is a blast.

I went on a 3 mile run with Mama and boy did I get tired.  Time for some water!

I had a big juicy strawberry before my bath! 


What I Did This Week

May 15th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

First, I found the box of Cheerios on the couch and decided to help myself.

Gotta get 'em all!

We also went to the Wildlife Experience Museum, which is kind of like throwing $10 into the garbage can since it is so awful.  At least I got to crawl around and go crazy in the kids room!

I made an expression that reminds Mama of the pictures of cousin Xandy at Ariel’s Grotto. (Can’t wait to see you Xandy!)

I rediscovered a toy that used to make me cry, but now I LOVE!  Thanks Nanny!

Here I am singing again!

 I watched Elmo a little while Mama made dinner.

Sporting my Good Mama cloth here.

I ate dinner 5 times.

I love to make crazy faces.


You will probably be seeing this crazy face a lot.


That green stuff in my mouth is avacado.

I had a bite of tropical flavored sherbet.

That is tangy!

I liked it!

I took 5 baths.


Thats all people!  I also went running a couple times, and ate breakfast and lunch, and went to the grocery store. Mama can’t bring the camera everywhere.

Until next time…


Happy Mother’s Day!

May 10th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized
Mama had a great Mother’s day this year!  We went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant and had a great time.

I had macaroni and cheese.

Mommy kept trying to capture my growl.


I couldn't focus on the camera.

 I hope all the Mom’s had a great day!


The Post About Nothing

May 3rd, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

Just like all of my other posts.  This blog is just a showcase for my adorable face.  Really, how could anyone resist this mug?

Oh, oops…wrong picture.  I meant this mug:

Oops, wrong one again.

Yea, that one.  Aren’t I irresistable?

In other news, I had macaroni and cheese for dinner last night.  You can tell from my eyebrow.


Music Time!

May 1st, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized
So, I went to music class today and sang a lot more than I usually do.  I guess I really felt like I could let loose and show off my mad vocal skills. 

Ms. Brenda gave me my first stamp today after music class!

I was in a very musical mood today so Mama put on some salsa music and I went to town!

I had to think carefully about which instrument I wanted to play first.

This is me singing. I get really into it.

Mama just thought this was too adorable to keep to herself.


Here I am playing with the Cat I got for my birthday.


What day would be complete without some quality time with my lion?

 So there you have it.  Just another normal day avoiding the cold outdoors. I’m sure my adventures will become much more exciting as soon as the sun comes out on a regular basis.