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Birthday and Other Stuff

September 14th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

I had a great birthday this year.  I was dying to find out what Will had gotten me. Boxes had been arriving at our doorstep for weeks and I was driving myself crazy trying to figure out what it could be!  It turns out that he was listening when I talked about how much I hated our bathroom.  He got beautiful pictures printed, a new shower curtain, a shower head, and some other stuff.  The bathroom is now beautiful!  I’ll post some pictures of it soon.  My husband is the best!  I also got my hair and make up done and walked out of the salon looking like the valedictorian of clown college.  After I got home and washed my face, I put Marian down for her nap and we watched New Moon.  Later, we all went out for dinner and came home and took some pictures.

I thought this picture was funny.

I can’t believe how much I look like my mom in this picture:

Here are Will and Marian playing my challenging New Moon board game.  Get it for your next family game night. (I kid.  It is terrible.  Obviously.)

This picture reminded me of one I took of Xandy years ago…

Xandy is still adorable.

Anywho, today we went to the splash pad with our friends Stephanie and Kayleigh.  We had the whole place to ourselves.

I had to put a picture of Marian and her mysterious ever-present snot.  Lovely.  I do not know why she is so snotty.

Stephanie gave Marian her own little bag of peaches. 

They are so cute, aren’t they?

Love a good diaper wedgie.

Of course we hit the park afterward.

I guess that’s it for now.  I have a lot more to share but this is long and I want to play some Warcraft. 

Thanks Stephanie!  We love hanging out with you and your little Pixie.


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  1. Amy Estrada says:

    This site makes me miss you guys so much! I love that you are bound to the pink couch, it’s perfect.

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