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Out and About

August 28th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

We’ve been getting out and exploring a lot more these days.  We go to Greenfield lake often, but we still have not seen any alligators!

The scenery is stunning.  Everywhere you turn there is a beautiful bird, intricate spiderweb glistening in the sun, or lovely flower.  Our new town is truly amazing.

I still haven’t figured any tricks to take better pictures and I am much too lazy to read anything about it.  Maybe one of these days…

The park here is a favorite of ours since there is a structure that is small enough for the little Pearl to climb.

Today we visited Airlie Gardens.  It is such an interesting place and so incredibly beautiful.

This next part was the most exciting part for me!  When I looked across the water at this:

I thought, HOLY CRAP! That is where Dawson and Jen kissed for the very first time!  That is also where Pacey and his English teacher Mrs. Jacobs, well, nevermind.  Yes folks, Dawson’s Creek filmed in this very spot.  Not that most of you care, but I do! 

We have been having a great time so far even though Will has been working so much.  He has a lot of stuff to do, but by October he will hopefully not be working weekends anymore.

I found a new place for Marian to play.  Only children 5 and under are allowed so I’m not too worried about her being trampled.  She still isn’t one to run and climb like all the other little kids.  She does like watching everyone though.  You can probably tell by her expression while sitting in the ball pit that she doesn’t get too excited by these sorts of things. 

My next task is to figure out how to get videos on this thing. 


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2 Responses to “Out and About”

  1. Amy Estrada says:

    The Dawson’s Creek site is awesome! And that stroller fits her perfectly. Love that you have this site!!!

  2. Thanks for visiting the site Amy! I wish you all were here…there would be lots of pictures of you guys.

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